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The SfP – Research & Consulting
was founded in 1983.

We are a marketing-research-institute
with full service and a special focus on
shopping-centers, retail and facility management.
We do all relevant services you need for a complete
study like the issue of the questionnaire, the field work,
the data interpretation, presentation and consulting.

Our fee includes all performances and additional costs.

Our services enclose f. e.:

·         customer survey

·         customer frequency    

·         population survey  

·         retailer survey    

·         customer satisfaction analysis

·         customer relationship analysis                                                               
·         mystery shopping

.         copy test           

·         consulting                                                                                        

We think customer frequencies and customer surveys are very interesting for you.

Therefore some information:                                                      


We always count and differ in women, men, children, entrances and time slices.

You have to calculate with 200 € for one entrance and one day.   

Often customer frequencies need a lot of field service personal. So they are very

expensive. We offer you alternatively sample frequency studies. They are also very

reliable and save costs.

Please tell us for an individual offer.


Our customer surveys are based either on a questionnaire created of you or on a

questionnaire of our institute. Our questionnaire includes the following points

of analysis:

Ø       social structure of the customers

Ø       frequency of visit

Ø       utilisation of transport

Ø       time of stopover      

Ø       valuation of different stores

Ø       image              

Ø       missing stores      

Ø       criticism and improvements

Ø       media analysis             

Ø       recall of advertising           

We use normally a sample of 500 or 1.000 interviewed persons. To present reliable data

we attach great importance to the representative choice of the interviewed persons.